NYT’s Nate Silver Body Slams Politico Reporter

Sometimes a simple “no comment” is the way to go. Or even blatantly  ignoring requests for comment can provide the illusion that nothing bad is happening. But in Politico Dylan Byers’ case, not responding to Out magazine on NYT‘s Nate Silver’s charge that he’s a “terrible journalist” had the effect of something you never want: deafening silence.

Byers has never explained the assertion he boldly shared during the presidential race that Silver was a “one-term celebrity” as his headline blared. And in today’s story in Out, in which Silver is named their “Person of the Year” he takes Byers down about 25 notches. (Not to worry too much though. Byers still ranks high in Mediaite‘s book. In a scramble to do a quick BuzzFeed imitation, they named him among the top media journalists in the U.S.)

An excerpt from Out

“I think he’s a terrible journalist,” he [Silver] says bluntly, referring to an article in which Byers chastised BuzzFeed reporter Michael Hastings for his antagonistic approach to interviewing politicians. “Isn’t that the job of a journalist, to speak truth to power? The fact that this Dylan Byers guy saw that as problematic is a problem. We work in a world now where all these connections are so massaged; if you talk to someone in the State Department or the Obama campaign, you have to write three unquestioning fluff pieces for every real piece of information you get.”

Naturally, Byers declined to comment.