Obama Administration Goes Gay for the Sochi Olympics

This is his best McKayla Maroney

Yesterday we were fascinated by a column that longtime punchline Pat Buchanan wrote for Town Hall in which he asked fellow “paleoconservatives” whether self-elected pseudo-Communist op-ed writer (and #1 Boyz II Men fan) Vladimir Putin was “one of us” because of how much he dislikes the gays. Some people…

Anyway, Pat’s personal version of the anti-Christ decided to take a somewhat bold stance yesterday by announcing that no members of the Obama or Biden families will be attending the winter games in Sochi. While some may claim it’s an attempt to avoid yet another of the VP’s famous gaffes, it reads a lot like a statement of solidarity with the LGBT community.

After the Russian parliament passed a law banning gay “propaganda” this summer and essentially threatened to give gay athletes a hard time, Obama’s decision to name tennis legend and equality icon Billie Jean King as the most public face of the Presidential Delegations to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies—and to mention that the group “represents the diversity that is the United States” in the press release—is a pretty effective way of saying “you guys kinda suck.”

We count ourselves among the many who were irritated by Obama’s decision to pull the “poll both sides and start in the middle” thing he always does back when gay marriage was still a potentially dangerous issue, but we are glad to see that he’s made the switch now that he never has to run for office again. So brave.

Also: We didn’t review the full committee list, but we are fairly sure it will not include Duck Dynasty star Phil (the old one), who thought it would be a great idea to make the old “gayness leads to bestiality” argument in the least elegant way during an interview for GQ.

Three cheers for (minimal) progress!

(H/T Death and Taxes)

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