Obama Taps iVillage to Spread Health Care Message

The Obama administration is once again using iVillage to spread its message about health care reform.

On Friday (Oct. 30) the women-aimed service and community site will hear directly from Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius via a White House produced video during which the former Kansas governor will answer questions submitted by users. Last week Michelle Obama released a similar health care-focused video on iVillage.

According to iVillage officials, Sebelius will focus on issues such as the cost of health care and prescription drugs, the insurance industry, and various women’s health issues. Some of the questions Sebelius will field specifically reference the potential health care reform legistlation which is currently being debated in Washington.

Among the questions being addressed are: “Are there going to be measures built into the bill that prevents skyrocketing premiums for pre-existing conditions?” and “One of my concerns is how do you keep quality doctors if they are not paid well for their efforts?”

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