Observer Editorial Shreds WSJ‘s ‘Greater New York’

We have seen other arbiters of journalism weigh in on the scuffle between The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal over the Journal‘s new “Greater New York” coverage. Today, the New York Observer drops a scathing review of the section. The weekly paper rips “Greater New York” for being: boring, out of touch, full of “mini-scoops,” disorganized, “blocky” and “green” (the color, not the environmental attitude).

All this criticism follows a brief disclaimer at the top of the column, which says:

First, let’s stipulate right off the bat that judging a daily newspaper section from only its first two days out of the gate is unfair. Noted.

And then we’re off to the races! Some parts of the critique (a lack of heavy-hitting scoops given the paper’s resources) ring truer than others (a salmon-colored newspaper should hesitate before criticizing another paper’s coloring).

We agree most, however, with the Observer‘s initial contention, that it’s too early to tell what “Greater New York” truly has in store. That won’t stop the commentary FishbowlNY or any other outlet; newspaper wars are too sensationalist and fun to inspire restraint among media reporters.

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