Offerpal Media Adds Display Ad Network To Their Social Media Offerings

Offerpal, one of the leading monetization solution providers on the web, announced today a new display advertising network that complements their existing offers platform. The Offerpal goal is to establish themselves as the central conduit by which advertisers can reach social application users on the web, and with this new announcement they certainly broaden their appeal. The question is what types of display ads they will present to users, and we’ll learn more as the service rolls out.

The new service was announced at the ad:tech digital marketing conference in San Francisco, and Offerpal went into details about the service. The display ads will include IAB-standard sized ad units as well as rich-media advertisements (that include flash animations and video). Offerpal’s network averages 100 million unique visitors per month and spans over 2,000 sites, so this new category of advertising has the potential to grow into a huge ad network.

“The display ad network is a critical piece in allowing us to offer a one-stop-shop for social advertising and monetization,” said George Garrick, Chairman and CEO of Offerpal Media. “Developers can now monetize their complete user experience with just one company, and advertisers can work with us to meet all of their marketing objectives – from brand building and social reach to customer acquisition.”

The big advantage here is that game developers that currently use offers now have an option to help them engage 100% of their users, rather than just the users that were signing up for offers. By displaying banner ads, even casual players are earning revenue for game/application developers. The display network leverages Offerpal’s advanced optimization engine to maximize publisher revenue and publishers can take advantage of a self-serve onboarding interface to get up and running on the ad network within minutes, and they’ll also benefit from Offerpal’s global monetization, real-time analytics and bi-monthly payment terms.

“We are excited to have another monetization solution from a company we know and trust,” said Erik Hedges of Tall Tree Games, whose game Fish World has more than 4 million monthly active users. “Given all the consolidation among social ad networks recently, there is definitely room in the marketplace for new competition, especially from a company with the advertiser relationships and industry know-how that Offerpal has.”