Add Offerpop To Your List Of Twitter Certified Partners

Twitter launched its certified products program last August with the goal of bringing “some of the most innovative products and services from Twitter developers to businesses and organizations that need them most.”

This came after throwing a slew of third party developers to the wolves like discarded medieval scraps, so the move was met with muted enthusiasm.

But for those lucky few to be initially selected, it was (and still is) a time to of plenty. And you can now add Offerpop to that list of winning products. You’ll be happy you did.

We told you how to drive over-the-top Twitter engagement using Offerpop – and Twitter obviously agrees, recognizing Offerpop’s easy-to-use social marketing apps as worthy of the official Certified Product badge.

Major brands – from MTV and Pepsi to Barneys and Birchbox – have turned to Offerpop’s social marketing apps for Twitter to run promotions that earn, engage and convert followers. Using these apps, marketers can provide offers and sweepstakes with unique hashtags, provide exclusive deals and discounts to followers, deliver special content directly to new followers, and unlock deals to followers in exchange for spreading word of mouth.

“We’re honored to be named an official Twitter Certified Product,” said Wendell Lansford, co-founder and CEO of Offerpop. “From launching our first product on Twitter to powering the first-ever hashtag campaign to be featured in a Super Bowl ad, we’ve helped many of world’s best-known businesses use the platform as a persuasive marketing channel. We’ll continue to build value for our customers and the Twitter community.”

Offerpop’s social marketing apps for Twitter allow organizations to reach followers in several ways:

  •     By running open promotions or contests and including a unique hashtag
  •     Using game mechanics by setting customizable retweet counts to unlock deals
  •     Target deals and offers exclusively to followers
  •     Send discounts, promotions and other offers to new followers and participants in hashtag campaigns automatically through direct messaging
  •     Automatically generate landing pages for each campaign
  •     Get full promocode and bar code support and in-depth campaign reporting

And Offerpop offers a free 14-day free trial, so you can test it out no questions asked (beyond those required to set it up, of course).

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