Official Twitter App for iPhone Available – Works on iPad But Looks Terrible

Fans of the popular and formerly “paid” Tweetie 2 app for the iPhone are aware that Twitter bought the app and hired its developer a few weeks ago. It was relaunched as the free

Twitter 3.0

iPhone app this week. Twitter says they’ve added features like a reorganized search, top tweets and the ability to sign-up for an account from the app itself. What they did not add, however, is scaling and features for the iPad. You can see what Twitter for iPhone looks like on my iPad in the screenshot above.

Tapping the 2x option on the iPad expands the app to fill the iPad’s screen. However, the text looks horribly jaggy (aliased) in that viewing mode. So, I shrank it back down to 1x viewing. It does seem a bit speedier to update tweets than TweetDeck though. So, I may keep it on the iPad for a while just for that.

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