Oh My Goff! Price Tower Arts Center Plans Bruce Goff Symposium

Still haven’t made the journey to Bartlesville, Oklahoma to check out Frank Lloyd Wright‘s “prairie skyscraper“? Let us add yet another reason: a symposium devoted to architect Bruce Goff, the subject of an exhibition on view through May 1 at the Price Tower Arts Center, nestled in the base of the aforementioned Wright masterpiece. The day-long confab (free of charge and open to the public) is set for Saturday, April 23, at the Bartlesville Public Library and will explore Goff’s architecture, teaching philosophy, and legacy through a series of presentations by historians, architects, and museum professionals. The theory-flavored morning begins with a look at creativity and the organic architecture of Goff, and then Sidney K. Robinson, associate professor emeritus of art history at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a faculty member at Taliesin, will compare Goff’s thinking with that of Frank Lloyd Wright through three points of comparison: music, waterfalls, and their plans for the Heurtley House site in Oak Park, Illinois. Later talks will focus on Goff’s paintings and his relationship to the modern organic interior. After lunch, things take a turn for the practical. Attendees will get a peek at the making of three-dimensional animations of Goff’s projects, his teaching methods, as well as the technology used to recreate the architect’s work for the current Price Tower exhibition, “Bruce Goff: A Creative Mind.”

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