OK, New iPhone 3GS Can Be Jailbroken. But, Turning it on Can Be Annoying

I’m really glad I used the word “may” in this October 14 blog entry…

Bought a New iPhone 3GS? Want to Jailbreak It? You May Be Out of Luck

…because Wired’s Gadget Lab tells us…

False Alarm: New iPhone 3GS Not Jailbreak-Proof

This article reports that while Apple is indeed using a new boot ROM to combat jailbreaking, jailbreak develoipers say this is an inconvenience rather than a complete block. Note though, that a jailbroken 3GS with the new boot ROM must be tethered to a computer if you need to turn it on after a complete shutdown (powered down). Note that this new boot ROM issue only affects recent iPhone 3GS devices.

As always I should note that I have never jailbroken my personal iPhone 3G.

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