Olay’s Twins Study Tries to Tap Into Fountain of Youth

Double double, skin toil and trouble

Olay wants to prove that its products really do make a difference on your skin. In order to hit home with its point, the company let one half of a set of twins try Olay Pro-X. The other wasn’t allowed to touch the product. 

Supposedly, the twin that used the beauty tools and creams ended up with more desirable skin after eight weeks. We can’t tell if it’s our streaming quality or just the fact that the twins look so similar, but we don’t see a difference. 

Spider-man meets his match when he encounters a baby version of himself, thanks to the folks at EvianBabies. The ad is supposed to remind viewers that Evian makes you feel young, but it works better as a promo for the upcoming Amazing Spider-man 2.

If you need a motivational speech, check out this flashback to Maysoon Zayid’s TED Talk. Zayid, who has cerebral palsy, injects humorous anecdotes into her presentation as she explains how her condition hasn’t affected her comedic and acting career. The inspiring clip, which was posted in January, is deservably climbing up the viral charts again.

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