Olberman Off Air: ‘Colonscopy Time! Yay!’

And the news only gets more interesting.

After MSNBC fill-in host Donny Deutsch was yanked from the 3 p.m. slot Wednesday after trashing host Keith Olbermann earlier in the week, word leaked that it was due to anger from MSNBC President Phil Griffin but also a “personal issue.” Coincidentally, Olbermann also had personal issues yesterday. Last night he was off air; tonight, too. He explains why in the following tweet:

“Programming note: I’ll be off tv the next two nights. Colonoscopy time! Yay! No issues, just a new annual fact of life after Dad.”

And this just in: “Hey! Guess what the colloquialism ‘I feel crappy’ actually MEANS!?!” Olbermann tweeted a minute ago.

We’re thinking it’s related to the colonoscopy.