Old Town Patch Writer Has Crush on Luke

What goes into a recipe for a crush on NBC’s Congressional Correspondent Luke Russert? Start with an earthquake, add a hurricane and throw in an Old Town Alexandria patch writer whose four-year-old daughter Sophia is visiting grandparents for the week.

Enter Tara Maglio, the Patch writer. She’s a Georgetown grad who’s juggling motherhood and being a counselor at an independent school.

Last week she wrote about how she became unplugged and (slightly) unhinged during Hurricane Irene. This is where that crush on Russert comes in.

An excerpt: “What have I learned from all of this? Mother Nature doesn’t really care if you need to be back at work on Tuesday, my independent child doesn’t really miss me as much as I think she does, my in-laws are far calmer in a weather related state of emergency that I am, and I might just have a tiny crush on Luke Russert.”

Russert was dispatched to Alexandria last week to cover Hurricane Irene.

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