Oliver Stone Helps This Week's Most Explosive Page

Today's ranking includes a popular movie from two decades ago, musicians from around the globe, sports that go beyond the baseball content that's prevalent this week, and much more.

Here’s this week’s trends among pages that are surging toward the million fan milestone and beyond. Today’s ranking includes a popular movie from two decades ago, musicians from around the globe, sports that go beyond the baseball content that’s prevalent this week, and much more. Take a look at this week’s list below, and if you want more detailed data, be sure to check out our page statistics tool.

This Week’s Explosive Pages

Name # Of Fans Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1. Natural Born Killers 273,368 486 272,797
2. Cascada 689,834 1,044 207,606
3. Soprano Officiel 806,301 2,303 120,113
4. National Guard 846,385 394 116,970
5. WICKED The Musical 389,316 361 100,982
6. Jorge Lorenzo 235,805 2,377 76,475
7. Facebook Off 701,312 10,570 74,396
8. Life 164,006 31 65,373
9. Inifibeam 105,721 10,173 62,678
10. University of the People 231,222 10,255 62,650

Old movie popular again: The page for Natural Born Killers has skyrocketed in popularity over the last seven days, ranking at the top of our list. Oliver Stone is the reason behind this growth, as he has agreed to answer questions submitted exclusively from Facebook fans. the creative idea sparked a weekly growth increase of 272,797.

On the stereo: Cascada lands in the second spot this week; the German pop act’s interactive presence on the social network helped accrued an additional 207,606 listeners. French rapper Soprano also took an impressive leap forward; 120,113 likes this week put the musician in third place.

On stage: More lovers of the musical Wicked help its home on Facebook continue to expand; the page grew by 100,982 fans, to come in fifth this week.

Serving your country: The National Guard‘s engaging presence on Facebook – which includes frequent picture and text updates – attracted 116,970 proud citizens to tap the “thumbs up” box on the top of the screen. An additional notable feature is the daily rotating profile picture that focuses on the story of a different daily hero serving in the National Guard.

Sports: Jorge Lorenzo whips around the motorcycle track at breakneck speeds; his fan total raced in a similar way in less than a week, as he got 76,475 new fans, putting him in sixth place.

Online shopping site Inifbeam sells just about everything imaginable; be sure to check out their tab with the latest selection of cricket merchandise, and 62,678 people helped retailer have an explosive week, coming in ninth place.

Spanish page Facebook Off finished strong this week, with 74,396 new fans, for a rank of seventh. Life‘s presence on the social network has exclusive content accessible by clicking like; that resulted in a seven-day increase of 65,373, for a rank of eight.

Finally, the promise of tuition-free online education has 62,650 inquisitive minds curious enough to fan the University of the People on Facebook for more information, giving the page a rank of ten.

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