Oliver Stone’s Assault On the Internet Comes to the Internet

You may remember Chris Ariens’ post from Wednesday (Oliver Stone Doesn’t Much Care for the Internet) in which he describes the Hollywood director’s verbal trashing of the web, television and traditional media while speaking at an event in New York sponsored by Hispanic web portal Terra.com.

A tipster pointed WebNewser to a video of Stone’s comments, which come in a conversation with Terra CEO and founder Fernando Madeira at the New Museum of Contemporary art in Manhattan, in front of an audience of Internet professsionals. The exclusive video is on Guanabee, a web site devoted to Latino commentary on media, pop culture and entertainment.

I watched the video and read the quotes excerpted in the article by Cindy Casares. Judge for yourself if he’s making valid points, is just being a “grumpy old man” or some combination of both. He certainly wasn’t ranting — this was no “get off my lawn” meltdown — but I’m sure at some point Madeira must have been thinking, “I’m paying $75,000 for this?” (That was the amount of Stone’s speaker fee, a Terra employee told Guanabee.)

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