OLPC XO-3 Design by Compromise May Inspire the Next Generation of Tablets

A quick read through reports about the upcoming second attempt by the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project to produce a low-cost but technology rich tablet for children might make you drool and wish for one yourself regardless of age:

OLPC’s Negroponte Says XO-3 Prototype Tablet Coming in 2010 (PC World)

Negroponte: One Laptop Per Child is now a $75 Android Tablet (CNN/Fortune)

But, Forbes’ report paint a quite different picture:

One Laptop Per Child Revamps Tablet Plans

Forbes’ article notes a list of changes from earlier statements that paints a picture of design by compromise:

– No all plastic components for increased durability
– Not waterproof
– Not half the thickness of an iPhone
– No 8GHz (really?) processor
– No Pixel Qi dual-mode display

Despite this disappointing report, I should note that while the original OLPC XO was also disappointing from a hardware, software, and sales point of view, it still managed to inspire the netbook revolution. I won’t be surprised if the XO-3 inspires new thinking in the tablet computer space too.