OMG! Social Media Recruiting Really Works!

Jessica Lee brings us a social media recruiting success story this Monday morning @ Fistful of Talent. It happened just last month.

September 17th, 9:13am. I put out a tweet using my personal account and it’s pretty harmless. I say I’m going to be looking for some entry level folks interested in health policy/healthcare comms. That’s all I wrote. I didn’t include a link to a job posting. I just made the statement.

flickr: Spencer E Holtaway; no derivatives.

September 17th, 1:08pm. I receive an email via Facebook from someone interested in the health policy role. It turns out that her friend follows me on Twitter, saw my tweet and told her about it.

They go to this blog which is linked to my Twitter profile. They find a link to my Facebook account which is linked to on the blog. And then I received the email. And then I asked for her resume.

A few interviews later and she has the job. Turns out the friend who saw the initial Tweet found Jessica when a competing recruiter namedropped her as someone in the industry to follow.

“Community matters. Networks matter. Relationships really matter. And—there was no cost to this hire except for the investment of time and effort I’ve made to be a good, contributing member of the social media community. That’s it.”

The lesson here for recruiters? It really works. It doesn’t cost much.

The lesson for jobseekers? If you see something that sounds interesting, jump on it. Note the time elapsed between Lee posting “I am going to start looking for someone for this position” and the jobseeker getting her resume in. Less than four hours. Don’t wait. Go.