Mom @OMGFACTS Goes After Son’s Business Partner

More than a year into a joint partnership deal with Spartz Inc., the Northern California 17-year-old who founded Twitter feed @OMGFACTS says he has reaped a measly $100 from the arrangement. As a result, per an exclusive report by Hollywood Reporter legal eagle Eriq Gardner, the teen’s mom is now suing on his-their behalf.

The account @OMGFACTS is a classic Twitter success story. By re-purposing funky trivia tidbits about pop culture, Adorian Deck has accumulated more than 1,750,000 followers. But it sounds like the family gave business partner Emerson Spartz some foolish fine print leeway:

The deal is said to have entitled Deck to profits for merchandising and a share of YouTube revenue, but allegedly didn’t require Spartz to disclose those revenues. The contract is also said to have assigned Spartz Inc. “any copyright in any existing or future works” for OMGFACTS…

Deck is attempting to cancel the contract as “unconscionable and unenforceable,” particularly because Adorian Deck was a minor. Deck is asking a judge for declaratory relief plus damages for unfair competition and false advertising.

There are also bunch of spinoff Twitter account such as @OMGFactsCelebs, @OMGFactsSports, and @OMGFactsSex.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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