On the Adweek Podcast: The State of Social Media

Will Twitter ever not be depressing?

Virtually every platform is going through an upheaval right now. Getty Images
Headshot of Aneya Fernando

This week, to mark the final episode with our dear social editor and podcast co-host, Miss Sami Main, we decided to devote the show to all things social. But first—a heartfelt goodbye to an amazing co-host and friend. We miss you already, Sami!

On this week’s episode of the Adweek podcast Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, we’re joined by art director Yuliya Kim and tech reporter Ann-Marie Alcantara, to discuss everything from the future of Facebook to the multifaceted use of Instagram to the toxic nature of Twitter.

Plus, Budweiser‘s sales are slumping, cord cutting is outpacing the industry’s expectations and Burger King‘s latest campaign highlights the absurdity of the Pink Tax.

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@aneyafernando aneya.fernando@adweek.com Aneya Fernando is digital projects manager at Adweek.