On The Menu: Taking Up The Mantle Of A Beloved Fantasy Series

Today on the media-bistro.com Morning Media Menu podcast, hosts Jason Boog of GalleyCat and AgencySpy‘s Matt Van Hoven welcomed fantasy author Brandon Sanderson.

Sanderson has been given the enormous task of completing the late Robert Jordan’s lengthy Wheel of Time book series, which is based on the idea about what it would be like to be told that you are the one who will save the world.

Jordan, who died in 2007, left behind a copious amount of notes and asked his wife to find someone to replace him and finish his series. She picked Sanderson, who decided to take Jordan’s remaining notes and create a trilogy to round out the series. His first book in the series, The Gathering Storm, will be out later this month.

Sanderson said he decided to take Jordan’ notes and create a “trilogy that brings us up to this final conclusion,” he said. “[Jordan] wrote the very last scene of this series before he passed away, and I’m just trying to get there to give the readers what they’ve been waiting for.”

He also discussed how he approached taking up where Jordan left off. “I couldn’t try to imitate Robert Jordan’s style,” Sanderson said. “I felt that if I did that it would stray into parody. And rather than focusing on the story and the characters I would focus on, is this word right, is this a word he would use. I felt I would never get beyond a single chapter if I spent all my time trying to analyze that. In the end I have my own distinctive style for Wheel of Time…In the end there is this weird hybrid that is going one, which I think works pretty darn well. It’s my own voice adapted to the Wheel of Time’s style, rather than my voice imitating Robert Jordan’s style.”

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