On the Podcast: Greenpeace vs. Nestle, ESPN & upfronts, and FishbowlNY’s Editor

This week on the PRNewser podcast we discussed how Nestle changed its supply chain in response to complaints online to limit environmental damage, and also talked about how the very traditional television industry “Upfronts” are becoming a platform to unveil social marketing campaigns.

ESPN for one, is getting in to social gaming through a partnership with Playdom. We couldn’t help also talking about how a reporter from Hollywood Reporter crashed the Upfronts yesterday.

Mike Taylor from FishbowlNY joined us to talk about why publishers like Conde Nast are putting so much behind touting their iPad editions.

And despite our general avoidance of the “how to pitch” question, we had to ask Mike for his take. “What we really respond to is material that falls in our beat squarely, or an opportunity to develop a source,” he told us. When you think of Taylor think of tailor–your pitches. “It really pays off.”