Daily Searches On Twitter Should Reach One Billion Queries In May

Interesting report from Danny Sullivan at SearchEngineLand from Twitter’s Chirp conference, where Twitter CEO Evan Williams revealed that the network is generating about 19 billion search queries per month.

This puts well behind Google’s 88 billion, but it’s good enough to leapfrog Bing (4.1 billion) and Yahoo (9.4 billion) for the number two spot.

Most of these searches come via API, predominately constant searches that many of us have running in our favourite apps. (For example, I have one going 24/7 for ‘Twittercism’.)

No one partner generates a majority of Twitter’s search requests, but there are some that are noticeable. In particular, he said TweetDeck and Seesmic (both makers of Twitter clients) generate noticeable amounts of searches. That seems to be from all the people using that software to run standing queries on subjects they are interested in.

Like the tweets per day figure, it’s picking up speed, too.

The growth is continuing. I also spoke with Twitter’s director of search Doug Cook, who said at times, queries per day reach 750 milllion — and he expects Twitter to have a 1 billion searches some time next month.

Interestingly, Williams added that Twitter search itself only contributes to the overall number in the “low double digits”. Assuming he means a percentage, that’s a much smaller figure than I would have anticipated. I use Twitter search an absolute ton, many times a day. But I guess I’m fairly unique amongst typical users there.

It all sounds amazing for Twitter, but it’s not quite as clear-cut as it sounds, and I encourage you to read Sullivan’s analysis for more detail.