One Day for Design Takes Over Twitter for 24 Hours

In a bid to create a global conversation around the future of design and the design industry, One Day For Design took to Twitter for 24 hours, encouraging all design professionals to get in on the chat. Using hashtag #1D4D, hundreds of Twitter users chimed in to share their thoughts on design, ask questions, and offering encouragement to designers-in-process.

One Day for Design is the brainchild of AIGA, the world’s largest design advocacy organization. Several of its members moderated Wednesday’s day-long hashtag chat.

Hundreds of designers and others chimed in during the chat yesterday, and according to Trendistic the hashtag #1D4D reached 0.08% of all tweets on Twitter at its peak Wednesday at 10AM Eastern. While this didn’t push it to trending topic status, it’s still a respectable figure – 1,1428,571 tweets, if Twitter’s claims that 1 billion tweets are sent out every day is correct.

Some of the wise and inspiring top tweets of the day included:

“#1D4D Final thought: Keep doing what you do, do it for love or survival, for pride or money, but always design and think the hell out of it.” – @ucllc

“There are those who talk about creating, and those who create. #1D4D” – @SignalNoise

As with anything experimental, there were critics who complained about disjointed conversations and a lack of a clear topic. And we can understand their complaints – a typical hashtag chat that lasts an hour or so is hard enough to keep from veering off topic or becoming muddy, so we can only imagine how crazy a 24 hour hashtag chat must’ve become. However, we applaud everyone who participated, as this is a great way to hold a global, digital conference. Perhaps more refined hashtags and set times for different topics will emerge as a result of this trial round for next years’s One Day for Design.

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