One Last Gourmet Party

We’d like to end the week on a high note, but on this gloomy, cold October Friday in New York City, this story from The New York Observer about the last hurrah for Gourmet magazine seems fitting.

Many braved the rain last night to toast the venerable epicurean magazine, which was among the Condé Nast casualties last week. Editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl, Condé Nast editorial director Tom Wallace was there and former publisher Nancy Berger Cardone gathered at A Voce Columbus Circle to celebrate the new television series, “Gourmet’s Adventures with Ruth,” airing this Sunday on Channel 13, even though the magazine has folded.

In the midst of the party, Reichl took a moment to reminiscence about her Condé days, which she is planning to write about in an upcoming book. “It’s a very rarefied world,” she told John Koblin.

“…I had no idea that this particular world existed. I sort of think of it as ‘Ruthie in Wonderland.’ People are fascinated by the world. It’s a life that is probably coming to an end…That kind of luxury that we all had is probably a thing of the past. The new business realities have changed the life at Condé Nast. I think print magazines as we know them will cease to exist.”

That’s a sad idea, but once that Reichl no doubt shares with many others. It’s enough to make you feel downright depressed.

Ruthie in Wonderland! Ruth Reichl Reflects on Conde NastThe Observer

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