Only 10.9 Percent Of Twitter Users Find Promoted Tweets Annoying

Twitter users appear to be pretty happy with the ads they’ve been seeing on the network lately. According to a survey by market research firm Lab42 examined by eMarketer, only 10.9 percent of US Twitter users dislike seeing Promoted Tweets in their timeline.

So why are Twitter users so happy with the ads they’ve been seeing?

24.8 percent of those surveyed explained that they have seen Promoted Tweets from brands that they found relevant to them, over 21 percent have received a discount or found out about a new brand through a Promoted Tweet, and 14 percent have retweeted a Promoted Tweet.

These responses are promising to Twitter, as it searches for a way to turn a profit. In recent months, Twitter has expanded its advertising platform: it is testing geo-targeted advertising, showing Promoted Tweets in all timelines, and rolling out Promoted Tweets from brands to those who don’t follow those brands in the first place.

And even with all of those changes, Twitter users have not revolted – yet.

The eMarketer survey does indicate that brands aren’t the number-one reason why they’re on Twitter. Only 11.1 percent say they use Twitter mainly to follow brands, while 17.4 percent say they use Twitter to follow friends, 15.6 percent say use it to get a good laugh, and 15.1 percent say they use it to get the news.

The survey also found out that about half of Twitter users in the US follow between 1 and ten brands.

Interestingly, the majority of Twitter users aren’t turning away from the network because of the increase in advertisements. In fact, many indicate that they find these socially-targeted ads useful, which is good news for Twitter. However, the company must focus on balancing how many ads it serves up and maintaining a friendly user experience if it wants to build a business and retain users.

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