Only 40% of Americans Trust News Media

Sad face.

oeayca4b8eiqs1uydufpxqGallup’s annual poll on the trustworthiness of news media found that just 40 percent of Americans even have “a fair amount” of trust in the media. To that we say hey, we’re trying, but you know what would help? If the public actually read articles first and then formed an opinion on them; not the other way around.

That low percentage of trust ties the all-time lows for the Gallup survey, set last year and in 2012. It’s also quite a drop off from 1999, when 55 percent of Americans trusted the news media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly.

Among registered Democrats and Republicans, the former continued to have more trust in the media than the latter. About 55 percent of Dems trust the media, while only 32 percent of right wingers trust the media.

(Image: Gallup)