Oodle Launches Free Recycling On Facebook

Oodle, which offers a marketplace to buy, sell and trade goods has launched what free recycling communities on Facebook, starting with the San Francisco Bay Area.

Oodle, which offers a marketplace to buy, sell and trade goods, has launched what it’s calling “freecycling” communities on Facebook for the San Francisco Bay area.

This contraction of free recycling means a person is passing on for free an unwanted but usable item.

San Francisco has highest recycling rate in the country. Oodles marketplace on Facebook allows Bay Area residents to join the online community called a FreeCircle where they can swap, search or request specific items.

Since the average American discards about 1,600 pounds of unwanted stuff each year, according to Environmental Protection Agency statistics, FreeCircles looks to provide an online presence for getting rid of unwanted items that is creative, safe, economic and most importantly, green.

Oodle.com, which launched six years ago as an app for buying, selling and sharing with the Facebook community, faces stiff competition from companies such as Craigslist and the younger startup Facebook swap meet, Yardsellr.

Every one of Oodle’s istings is tied to a real Facebook identity and presence. The listing pages depicts the seller(s) and how you are connected. Email communications similarly will display summarized profile information and pictures of common friends.

“Oodle’s Marketplace has always promoted reusing items,” said Mark Robins, vice president of community at Oodle in a press release. “Today we’ve made the process a lot easier. Once you join your local FreeCircle, you can search for and claim free stuff, get rid things you’re not using, or post a message requesting something that you are looking for. And with the Marketplace mobile app, you can photograph an item directly from your phone and offer it to your neighbors in under a minute.”

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