Open Road’s Jeff Sharp Sees Convergence Of Film And Publishing

Open Road Media president/co-founder Jeff Sharp thinks that the lines between film and publishing are blurring. And it is not a surprise, the film producer/publishing executive has helped option more than fifteen film and television properties from books including adapting Lie Down In Darkness by William Styron and Pat Conroy’s The Boo for the screen.

In a blog post on the Tribeca Film Festival website, Sharp talked about how eBook sales helped these deals happen. Here is more from the post: “The success of our ebooks has been unprecedented. As esales have gone through the roof, so have the awareness of our authors and the ability to bring their stories to all screens.”

Sharp continues: “Publishing and producing under one roof ensures that the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing. There is an economy to how we acquire, develop, package and produce at Open Road.”

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