OpenFeint 2.5 Private Beta Launched With Multiplayer Features

Aurora Feint, the company behind the OpenFeint mobile gaming platform recently announced the arrival of OpenFeint 2.5 beta. The new version set to release will include a number of changes and upgrades to the OpenFeint SDK. The team has already surpassed 25 million registered users and seems to be optimistic about the future despite the inevitable launch of Apple’s GameCenter.

Over 2000 developers have registered for the OpenFeint platform; a number that is expected to climb as the company just opened its private beta developer program for Multiplayer support. Integration of turn-based, asynchronous multiplayer features could lead to interesting gameplay and is being tested by games such as Ovaji’s Mecho Wars and Optime’s Tic Tac Toe.

“Multiplayer is a natural progression for the OpenFeint platform’s thousands of developers,” said co-founder Jason Citron and Danielle Cassley. “We’re excited to offer the first free, no-strings-attached multiplayer solution for iPhone and iPod Touch.”

Other features of OpenFeint 2.5 include:

– Real-time notifications of players’ friends presence
– Matchmaking by abilities, location and game types
– Network memory card for saving player and gaming data

The full version of OpenFeint 2.5 is set to debut publicly this fall allowing developers to have sufficient time to develop games for the holidays. Although the team states that OpenFeint 2.5 will be compatible with GameCenter, we won’t be sure until GameCenter launches. Despite a hazy out look, the Aurora Feint team will continue to provide a powerful platform for its developers and players.

“We’ve been using OpenFeint in our games for a long time and we are extremely excited about the 2.5 version,” said Paul Jackman of Origin8 Technologies. “The new API is a big improvement and will make it easier for devs to achieve seamless integration and easier for new Openfeint devs to learn. The multiplayer support is also a huge bonus as now even smaller devs will be able to add this extra feature with minimum hassle.”