OpenFeint Grabs More Android Developers as the Platform Emerges

Mobile gaming network OpenFeint is pushing aggressively into Android, as the OS becomes the leading smartphone platform among mobile subscribers in the U.S. this year.

In four months, the company says it’s added 215 games to its Android network, up from 100 back in November. It’s also adding 14 new Android titles today.

Openfeint is a gaming network — when developers integrate it into their titles, their players can compare scores on a leaderboard or find new apps that their friends are using. Between the company’s iOS and Android’s efforts, the company says it now reaches 73 million users.

The push into Android makes sense not just because of platform’s growing reach, but because iOS already has Apple’s GameCenter. It’s a natural (although very basic) social space for gamers that would slow traction for third-party competitors.

Android, in contrast, doesn’t have a natural incumbent. Because of this, it’s attracted a number of players like Papaya Mobile and Scoreloop. Of course, the Android variant Facebook is reportedly working on may have social or gaming features that would crowd out second or third-tier players, so it’s important to grab market share now.

OpenFeint’s new games this month include: