Opera Mediaworks reveals its biggest mobile advertising trends from 2013

Image via Opera Mediaworks

In a special year-end report, mobile advertising company Opera Mediaworks has revealed the top mobile advertising trends from 2013. Its ad platform currently reaches 400 million consumers each month via 60 billion ad impressions, and found that 2013 marked a year of changes and improvements in mobile advertising.

[contextly_sidebar id=”631350c5704d68405461f3c8268429dd”]While traditional banner ads still account for more than half of the ads on the Opera Mediaworks platform, the company says this year marked the beginning of a transition away from these ads, and a new focus placed on rich-media, including video and tap-to-expand ads. Both of these ad forms reached a 6 percent share within the rich media category this year.

According to the report, 2013 also saw advertising companies becoming smarter, with new technology allowing for advertisers to target users based on fine-tuned factors like time of day or day of the week, aside from simple information like device or connection type.

Better using segmentation and targeting was a huge theme throughout 2013, with companies including Appboy and Playhaven releasing new tools for developers and advertisers to engage mobile users in new ways. For instance, Appboy released location-specific targeting back in October, while Playhaven released a push notifications toolset for developers in July, which fine-tunes notifications based on last app usage, location, language and more.

While the iPhone was the No. 1 driver of mobile ad revenue the Opera Mediaworks platform in 2013, Android became the global leader in ad impressions thanks to a strong push from Samsung in mobile sales. This is in line with data from other ad platforms outside of Opera Mediaworks. In September, mobile advertising and data platform Millennial Media released its Q2 2013 report, which saw Android accounting for 51 percent of total ad impressions.

Finally, iPad and Android tablets combined now account for 12 percent of all ad impressions on Opera’s platform, up from just 6 percent last year. The company predicts the combination of phones and tablets will continue to rise in 2014 and beyond, eventually taking over traditional desktops.

The full Opera Mediaworks year-end report is available on the company’s website.