Oprah’s Least Favorite Things | To Tweet, Or Not To Tweet? | Of Tangled Webs

GalleyCat: GalleyCat’s four-part interview with (unauthorized) Oprah biographer Kitty Kelley will make you laugh, cry, shudder and smell burning cat hair. Tune in next week for the remaining parts of this video interview.

AgencySpy: Is there such a thing as Tweeting too often? Not if you’re me. Because I only Tweet about important things, like food, ex-boyfriends, and debilitating loneliness.

AP on Twitter: It’s no longer “Web site,” it’s “website,” ok? So now I can go back to spelling it “website” as I was doing until I was told two weeks ago that it’s supposed to be “Web site.” Do we still not know whether it’s “pay wall” or “paywall,” though?

Gawker: As John Cook departs Gawker for Yahoo(exclamation point!), let’s bid him all a fair journey and a Friday night soaked in camaraderie and gin.