Oregonian Reporter Lisa Grace Lednicer Fired Over Glamour Story

Oregonian reporter Lisa Grace Lednicer has been fired after a story she co-wrote ran in Glamour magazine – story which, given its content, presented a conflict of interest with her main employer of twelve years.

Lednicer’s Glamour piece centered around the daughter of Diane Downs – one of Oregon’s most notorious criminals after having murdered one of her children. Thus, the article would have been of particular interest to Oregonian readers – a reality not lost on the paper’s editor, Peter Bhatia. Bhatia pointed out that the paper’s writers are obligated to run their stories past editors before taking on assignments for other publications, as well as not working for competitors – or, in this case, not penning competing articles.

Lednicer did tell her editors at The Oregonian about the Downs piece, albeit after it was pitched, written, submitted, and set to publish. The paper then waited to read the published article before deciding whether any sort of disciplinary action would be needed. Their final decision came last Friday.

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