Oreo Daily Twist campaign wins top Facebook Studio award

Facebook today announced the winners of its Facebook Studio Awards for creative work done by agencies and brands on Facebook. Oreo won the blue award for its Daily Twist campaign by 360i and Draftfbc.

Other winners included Graubunden Tourism, TNT, Allstate, Nike, AT&T, Ford, Universal Studios, Grey Poupon and more.

Oreo and a number of other brands won for campaigns that focused on using page posts rather than applications. Brands and agencies seem to be recognizing that Facebook users spend their time in the News Feed, not in page tabs, and that consistent, high-quality page posts can be more effective than costly single-use apps. The introduction of Timeline and users’ shift to mobile, where page tab apps don’t work, seems to have pushed companies in this direction.

“Last year, brands tried to push the technical limits of Facebook, and digital platforms overall,” said Mark D’Arcy, Facebook’s Head of Global Creative Solutions, in a blog post. “Now, in just one year’s time, we were pleased with the renewed focus on the craft of great storytelling through publishing.” 

The Daily Twist campaign celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Oreo cookie with 100 ads in 100 days. Each day, Oreo’s agency teams would turn a current event into an ad featuring the cookies, for example, to commemorate Pride week, they created an image of a six-layer oreo with rainbow creme. Other topics were the Mars Rover landing, Talk Like a Pirate Day, the release of “The Dark Knight Rises” and the Olympics. The final Daily Twist, seen above, was crowdsourced by fans and produced live in Times Square, where images were projected on a large video billboard.

In the 100 days, Daily Twist gained over 1.3 million Facebook interactions — Likes, comments and shares — an 195 percent increase from the previous three-month period. Share rate increased by 280 percent, and each post was shared an average 1,472 times. This led to a 150 percent increase in total Facebook reach. The Daily Twist campaign was also featured in more than 2,600 articles from media outlets around the world.

A list of all the winners and details about the campaigns are available here.