Organizing a Successful Media Mixer

There’s probably no surefire way to stage the perfect media meet-and-greet event, but Mark Glaser of the MediaShift blog shares some tips based on his recent experience organizing a gathering at the We Media conference. Whether you organize such mingles or just go to them, his list might have you nodding your head in recognition.

Some of his recommendations include putting Twitter handles on nametags, picking the right place, and piggybacking on an existing event, as MediaShift did with We Media. The Twitter handles helped people recognize each other, connect via Twitter and refer to each other in tweets about the event. And finding the right place? Glaser says cost and ambience were two of the key factors on that count.

The host with the most says he also made the right move in “keeping it simple, stupid” and just letting people chat instead of planning any special programming. Works for me. As does his final tip — avoid artichoke pizza late at night. Sounds tasty, but I’ll wager he’s right about that too.

Check out Glaser’s seven tips here. What do you think makes a networking event fun, successful and worth your time?

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