Our New Favorite Senator: Carl “Shitty Deal” Levin

If you’re not watching the C-SPAN broadcast of Senate Hearings on Goldman Sachs securities fraud, you just missed what will undoubtedly become be the viral political moment of the new year.

Democratic Senator Carl Levin was absolutely grilling former Goldman mortgages department head Daniel Sparks when he suddenly developed a bout of Tourette’s — shouting the phrase “shitty deal” into the mike, on national TV, over and over and over again.

Here was what set him off, aside from Sparks’ complete unwillingness to answer questions in a remotely honest fashion. Levin had a hold of an internal Goldman memo in which senior Goldman exec Tom Montag said of Timberwolf, a popular Goldman CDO: “Boy that timeberwof (sic) was one shitty deal.”

Levin took that phrase and ran with it, and continued running with it, and ran some more. And he probably would have kept going if he hadn’t run out of time. If you missed it, you don’t need to worry. Pretty sure you’ll be able to catch it on The Daily Show, Colbert, Fox News, MSNBC and just about every website on the planet the second the video hits YouTube.