Out Magazine Introduces “Team Out”

Out magazine is launching “Team Out Today,” an online video channel that provides viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at Out. The channel will follow editor in chief Aaron Hicklin, fashion director Grant Woolhead, junior fashion editor and owner of multiple bolo ties Brent Coover, associate editor Noah Michelson and assistant photo editor Jason Rogers as they work to create the magazine’s June/July “Hot List” issue. The channel will follow the Out team as they peruse new fashion collections for consideration in the magazine, interview celebrities, and create photoshoots. Participating editors will also share info about their daily schedules through social networks like Twitter.

The channel debuted yesterday at Out.com and will run for six weeks, featuring daily updated vlogs, weekly webisodes, interactive polls and member profiles, blog posts and giveaways. Viewers will also be able to interact with Out editors directly through live chat sessions.

The channel provides a nice, albeit fastidiously curated and edited, look at people with charming accents coming together to make a magazine. Without the constant stabbings and stink eyes. Take a peek for yourselves:

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