Overcast Podcast App Updated to Version 2.0, All Features Now Free

The podcast player has received new features, including the ability to stream podcast episodes rather than download them.

Popular podcast app Overcast has been updated to version 2.0 on iOS devices, introducing new features to users. In a blog post, programmer Marco Arment announced a new business model for the platform, which removes the paid unlock for specific features.

Previously, users could pay $4.99 to unlock additional features in Overcast, including Smart Speed, which shortens silent moments, and Voice Boost, a voice equalizer. With this update, these features are now free.

In addition, podcast streaming has been added to the platform. While users can still download each podcast episode, streaming allows users to start playing an episode immediately, rather than waiting. Users have the option to set all new episodes of a podcast to stream as well, rather than download them, to save storage space on their device.


As part of this update, the new storage manager allows users to view how much space each download is taking up for each show. If one show is taking up too much space, users can delete any downloaded episodes and stream them instead. Smart Speed and Voice Boost are supported while streaming.

Arment commented:

Even if you don’t plan to use streaming, you’ll reap its benefits: converting the audio engine to a streaming architecture has made all playback faster to start, easier on battery life, more compatible and more reliable.

In addition, the Overcast 2.0 update introduces improved browsing functionality, which aims to help users discover new podcasts based on recent recommendations from other Overcast users.

Overcast is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. While its major in-app purchase has been removed, users can subscribe to support the app via a ‘$1 monthly patronage’ charge. According to Arment, ‘if only five percent of customers become monthly patrons, Overcast will match its previous revenue.’

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