OverDrive Now Offering eBook Samples

Have you ever  had to wait to read a library eBook only to learn that it was a disappointment? OverDrive can help you with that.

As part of its general move to improve service and add more features, yesterday OverDrive launched a new sample option. Patrons will now see a new button when they look for eBooks. If a given title offers a sample, the patrons will be able to click the button and download an excerpt of about 10% of the eBook.

OverDrive clearly had the best of intentions, but it is just as clear that no one put any thought in to this.

Unfortunately, the several samples I found at my library were all taken from the first 10% of a book. Given that all the eBooks came with a TOC, intro, and other front matter, there was actually very little story in any of the samples. In fact, 2 of the samples had no story at all – just the front matter. I don’t know what these eBooks are about, so the samples were pretty much useless.


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