Overheard: Twitter To Remove Hashbangs From Its URLs

Update: Dan Webb has noted that Twitter will still support the old URLs with the hashbangs once the change has been made

A Twitter front end engineer has confirmed that the company is actively working on removing hashbangs, or “/#!/”, from their URLs.

If you type in “https://www.twitter.com/lauren_dugan”, you’ll be sent to my profile. However, upon arrival, the URL will have changed to “https://twitter.com/#!/lauren_dugan”.

The “/#!/” in between Twitter.com and my username is called a hashbang. To a regular internet user, they’re odd looking, clunky, and a bit of a mystery. To a website developer, they’re a cause for some debate, but to Twitter, at least, they’re now redundant.

This story comes to us through a Twitter conversation overheard on Storify. Tim Haines, Favstar.fm founder, created a Storify of a Twitter exchange between himself (@timhaines) and Twitter front end engineer Dan Webb (@danwrong).

The pair were discussing hashbangs in URLs, after Haines sent out a general request for more information on theis piece of web architecture. Webb offered his take (which can be found on his blog), and explained that he is now in charge of removing all hashbangs from Twitter’s URLs.

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. No more “/#!/” in the middle of your pretty Twitter profile URL. Will you miss it? Be glad it’s gone? Or had you never even noticed the little guy in the first place? Let us know in the comments below.

(Hat tip: Tim Haines’ Storify)

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