Overtime: Not Just Bad For Your Mood

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Working ten or more hours a day puts you at much greater risk for heart problems, a new study from the European Heart Journal says.

In fact, working ten hours a day puts people at a 60 percent higher risk for heart disease, heart attacks and angina. This is regardless of factors like smoking or obesity (though one would assume that if you are at your desk 10 hours a day, you probably develop some unhealthy vices just to cope).

The study looked at more than 10,000 office staff from London-based government agencies over 25 years.

Researchers say that the link could be due to one of many factors: either the extra work is stressing people out (high blood pressure, etc); presenteeism (those so dedicated to their jobs that they’re likely to put in 10-hour days are also likely to work when they’re sick and ignore the need for medical attention), or, the researchers say, it could just be that everyone who works these long hours is an aggressive, Type A personality.

However, the most telling note from this study is this (and remember, this is a British study): Ten hours of work is considered “three hours more than a normal workday.”

Wouldn’t that be nice?

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