(Fake) Pace Salsa Feed Demonstrates the Dangers of Twitter Automation

For some reason, Google wants to patent the very concept of the automated social media response. After scrolling through this epic interaction between some comedian and the Pace Salsa Twitter account, we think they might want to reconsider.

To sum up a very long back-and-forth, dude made a (ten-month-old) joke about the brand which the feed randomly favorited thanks to a software “glitch”. But when he tried to interact he got the same robo-response again and again:

A real-life individual took the reins and began actively trying to convince Kinane to let it go before his boss apparently said “enough already”:

Today we feel a little bad for everyone responsible for running the account, which disappeared after a very disorienting back-and-forth visible on Kinane’s feed.

It seems that the employee in charge was “sent home early” before someone else created a fake profile in his name to announce that he was quitting his job. Or something like that.

Yes, this was confusing—but there’s a lesson to be learned about social media management and engagement. Agencies can’t always afford to have someone actively monitor a feed, especially when it doesn’t even have 4,000 followers. A little automation is pretty much always necessary.

But every brand clearly needs to have a standard non-automated response ready in case some comedic genius decides to pull this kind of act. Rob Delaney and a score of other bored tweeters do it all the time—and while they usually aim for brands with bigger profiles than Pace, it could happen to you, too.

(H/T to Death and Taxes, because no way we were going to scroll through all that stuff)

UPDATE: Like so many other viral stories, this one wasn’t quite what it seemed. The account was not official and the whole “incident” appears to have been a hoax. We all got fooled.

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