Packers’ Julius Peppers Apparently Hates Children

Hey Julius! It's for the children.

Football players have their shtick on display when scoring a touchdown, providing the lame officials allow them to celebrate. One such player who has a scoring routine is Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton.

Well, actually, Cam has two — he enjoys ripping apart his jersey to show off his cosplay proclivities (as seen here), but there’s another slightly more impressive routine he does. He eyeballs the sidelines every game looking for young children, many of which are disabled.

This past Sunday, Newton scored during a home game where they remained undefeated by beating the formerly undefeated Green Bay Packers. Perhaps getting that one loss perturbed a few of the Packers.

Like defensive end Julius Peppers (drafted by Carolina, oddly enough).

Peppers knows that is Newton’s thing. It makes the day of any youngster, so when Newton asked Peppers to give up the football that helped Carolina score, the visual spoke for itself — Julius Peppers hates kids.

Good luck with putting a PR grin on that one, Packers. Even the mothership noticed.


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