PackPoint: An App That Makes Travel Packing More Fun

Packing – we all loathe it. It’s especially loathsome when you actually arrive at your vacation destination and discovered that you forgot something essential at home. If this has happened to you, you’ll want to download this app: PackPoint.

PackPoint is a free Android and Blackberry app that makes packing easier by helping you set up your packing lists by the type of trips, and activities you’ll be doing. There’s also a way to incorporate the forecast, if there’s rain or snow. Basically, a fun way to get out the door without going crazy.

PackPoint will build a packing list for you that takes into account:
– Business or Leisure travel
– Activities you plan on doing
– What you need for an international trip
– Warm weather clothes
– Cold weather clothes
– An umbrella if the forecast calls for rain
– If you’re willing to repeat wearing basics like shirts and pants
– If you will have access to laundry facilities

Some expert packing checklist user tips:
– Tap gender icon to change between male and female travelers
– Tap and hold, or swipe, to remove packing list items