Facebook to Developers: Page Plugin Replaces Like Box June 23

Facebook reminded developers that its page plugin will automatically replace its like box on websites June 23 and detailed improvements to the former.

Facebook reminded developers that its page plugin will automatically replace its like box on websites June 23 and detailed improvements to the former.

The social network’s page plugin allows website visitors to see which of their friends like those websites’ corresponding Facebook pages and see the most recent posts from those pages.

Front-end engineer Yugal Jindle described the improvements to page plugin in a post on Facebook’s developer blog:

  • Improved width support: As requested by our developer community, we’ve made updates to the page plugin to support a broader range of widths—as wide as 500 pixels and as narrow as 180 px. (Note that you may see minor layout changes due to space constraints when working with narrower widths. For example, at 180 px, you won’t see the share button).
  • Call-to-action buttons: The plugin now supports the same call-to-action buttons as pages. For example, if your page has a “Sign Up” or “Contact Us” button enabled, then that button now appears on the page plugin on your website, with the same functionality that it has on your page. This doesn’t require any changes to the plugin configuration on your end.

Developers: Are you ready for June 23?


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