Page Viewers Still Don’t Like Pay Walls

Civilians will often come up to us and tell us we are stupid to not charge for our content. Something about buying milk when the cow is yacking at us about our business model. Anyway, here’s the thing with charging for content: people who normally get it for free hate it.

MediaPost has more recent proof of this frustrating quagmire:

As Hollywood trade publication Variety has joined the select few publications with an online pay wall, it has seen page views drop more than 40%, according to Nielsen figures. The number of unique visitors has fallen a lesser 18%, but that could be attributable to Variety allowing users to view up to five articles for free.

Variety, which had previously abandoned charging for Web content, brought it back last December. And during that month — where nine days were free — page views for the Variety Online Group came in at 3.2 million. That figure fell to 1.9 million this past March, according to Nielsen data.

The whole piece is here.

Hat tip I Want Media

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