Palm Destined for Purchase By an Intellectual Property Collection Shop?

Frank noted here yesterday that:

Palm Reported To Be For Sale

Bloomberg has a good accumulation of “no comments” and speculation:

Palm Said to Tap Goldman, Quattrone to Find Buyer

Here’s the current scorecard and my own totally unsubstatiated wild guesses about who might buy Palm:

From Bloomberg:
– HTC refuses to confirm or deny interest
– Lenovo refused to comment
– Nokia does not comment on market rumors
– Dell is said to have considered making an offer, did not, and is not commenting
– ZTE Corp. made no comment (perhaps not even asked) but is on the speculation list

My wild guesses:
– Oracle: Why not? It has bought all kinds of products it apparently has no idea what to do with. Java, MySQL, OpenOffice come to mind
– Microsoft: No way. It is having a hard enough time getting Windows Phone out the door. And, it just launched its follow-up to Sidekick (see Frank’s Microsoft Kin item here)
– RIMM (BlackBerry): Unlikely, RIMM is doing just fine.
– Nokia: Unlikely, they have lots of other issues to worry about without dealing with a difficult merger type situation
– Apple: Unlikely, but there are a lot of ex-Apple people over at Palm. Remember NEXT?
– Some little known (to most people) firm specializing in collecting intellectual property for patent wars. This, I think, is the most likely scenario

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