Pandora Will Debut Personalized Digital Audio Ads and Sequential Messaging This Year

Partners with A Million Ads to help marketers reach listeners

A new tool lets marketers target listeners based on gender, age and location. - Credit by Pandora For Brands
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Dynamic personalized ads and sequential messaging are coming soon to a Pandora station near you. In an exclusive partnership with A Million Ads, Pandora will be able to reach unique listeners in real time with customized ads.

The new addition to Pandora’s existing set of tools for marketers will enter a testing phase later this year.

With the partnership, marketers working with Pandora who want to learn how to better reach the music-streaming platform’s 81 million active listeners will gain access to two new tools: real-time personalized creative at scale, and sequential messaging and targeting.

The tool lets marketers build audio ads designed for listeners based on their gender, age and ZIP code, taking into account variables like the weather and time of day.

If marketers use the sequential messaging feature, Pandora can serve ads that tell a bit of a story to listeners or ads that reveal different pieces of information in each spot. According to Pandora, campaigns that tell stories before asking people to buy something are usually more effective than ads that just dive right in.

“We approach things from a ‘what’s good for the listener is what’s good for the advertiser’ perspective,” Lizzie Widhelm, svp of ad product strategy at Pandora, told Adweek. “We’re already the best personalized music platform, so we should be able to do that with ads, too.”

Chris Record, Pandora’s vp of revenue operations, told Adweek that “personalization is in [Pandora’s] DNA.”

“This is a new way for us to leverage what we’ve been doing in the past and launch it three or four steps further,” Record said.

Before the launch of the new tool, Pandora was able to distribute data its users had already provided—such as age, geography, listening habits, device usage, lifestyle and purchase behavior—to advertisers.

“It’s time for an innovation point for digital-audio ads,” said Widhelm. “We’re working hard to connect with efficient, effective and scaleable partners. These potential dynamic spots will produce advertising diversity that will freshen the consumer’s experience.”

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