Pandora Radio 3.0.2 Update Brings iPad Goodness & Artist Bios

Despite its immense popularity, I rarely used Pandora Radio on my iPhone. This free app creates personalized music streams based on information you provide about artists, composers, or songs. However, the iPad has changed my mobile music equation a bit. Here’s how I see it. I rarely listen to music on my iPod nano or iPhone. So, I didn’t plan to place much or perhaps any music on my iPad. As it turns out, I placed just a few songs on the iPad to test its iPod features. But, what if I decided that I really would like to listen to music on the iPad while away from its synced iTunes source? Pandora Radio looks like a good alternative. And, the good news is that the latest update turned it into a universal app that takes advantage of the iPad’s larger screen.

Pandora Radio 3.0.2

One of the new iPad specific features I like is the long form artist biography made available with each song as it plays. It is like having a constant stream of detailed liner notes.