Pandora’s Thumbprint Radio: A Personalized Station for Each User

The station plays music based on the tracks each user marks with a 'thumbs up.'

Pandora has announced the launch of Thumbprint Radio, a new customized radio station for each user of the music-streaming service. The station selects songs based on each user’s ‘thumbs up’ history, and provides them with a playlist of songs they’ve already told Pandora they love, as well as new selections.

The Thumbprint Radio station is only available for users who have at least three stations with four thumbs up each. The more songs users flag with a thumbs up on Pandora as a whole, the larger the Thumbprint Radio station will become. In addition to replaying a user’s favorite songs, the station includes songs Pandora thinks users will love.

Users can share their Thumbprint Radio station with friends to give others a look at their personal musical taste. As the original user continues to ‘thumb’ music, their friends will have access to the updated station automatically.

In a statement, Chris Phillips, chief product officer at Pandora, commented:

Thumbprint Radio is a collaboration between each listener and Pandora. You shared with us what music you love via all your thumbs, and we heard you. We have combined all your favorites with music we know you’ll love to create a new station that reflects your unique musical thumbprint.

Thumbprint Radio is available in Pandora’s mobile apps, and on the Web. On mobile, users can search for ‘Thumbprint Radio’ to listen to their own station.

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