Pantone Opens Branded, Colorful Hotel in Brussels

Over the past couple of years, Pantone has been actively branching outside of their standard operations, getting involved in branded side-projects and licensing deals. Or in their own words: “colorful, design-driven products to touch and tempt consumers” (most recently, you might recall our talking about their limited-edition run of shoes for Seavees). Now they’ve gone even bigger, with the launch of the Pantone Hotel, just opened in Brussels. Designed by Michel Penneman and Oliver Hannaert, the hotel features rooms and meeting spaces inspired by their color chips, sparingly highlighting them in various ways as they’re surrounded by white walls, white bedding, white everything. They also have a Pantone Lounge, offering you drinks like Pink Champagne 12-1107, Lemon Drop 12-0736 or the Daiquiri Green 12-0435, as well as on-site “Color Consultants” to help you out with whatever pressing color issues you’re having (this is something every hotel should have available, right?). This writer was in Brussels back in mid-Feburary and now we’re upset that we didn’t schedule the trip a bit later in the year, so we could have caught this.

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